Museu da Cidade do Açucar, The Museum The Sugar City in Funchal

Intended to constitute itself as a memory identification space of sugar production and technology of Madeira, in its two most important cycles in the XV-XVI and XIX.

The Museum The Sugar City makes known to visitors the cultural consequences of economic cycles.

The Museum The Sugar City wants to establish itself as reserves in Funchal everyday memory, between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, through the archaeological remains that excavations might help to rediscover.

The exhibition, located in the basement, combines two aspects, the findings from the excavations in the old houses of João Esmeraldo and artistic heritage and built reflecting the economic power of the Sugar Cycle.

In the space where once stood the Manueline Casa de João Esmeraldo – Flemish who settled in Madeira at the end of the fifteenth century to produce and trade Sugar – was inaugurated on 15 June 1996 the Museum Centre The Sugar City, current The Sugar City Museum.

Archaeological excavations 1989 in the same space, have uncovered a large and important testimonies from estate of everyday life between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, part of which is on display in the museum, highlighting forms of sugar, faience Portuguese and farthings of the reign of D. Afonso V.

They also stress a rare set of Manueline measures, accountants and silver objects drawn with the coat of arms of the city of Funchal. They are also worthy of attention from the parts of the East, which include two copies of Chinese porcelain of the seventeenth century, high technical and artistic quality.

Address: Praça do Colombo, 9000-051 Funchal
Phone: +351 291 236 910

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