The Embroidery, Tapestry and Wickercraft Work Museum, in Funchal

In this museum seeks to recreate the environment of Romanticism, a house of Madeira. It is intended above all to reference the introduction and importance of embroidery in island living from the nineteenth century.

museu bordado

The presence of pieces of furniture of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, the end of the Victorian style of the century, due to the presence of a British colony, linked to the business of wine and after Embroidery, who knew expand its influence on the Island.

The English decorative styles were certainly prevalent in the upper classes of the Island. Small household ornaments fled, however, the rigid relationship with Britain opening up to other production centers such as the Portuguese mainland and France.

Rua Visconde de Anadia, 44  
9050 – 020 Funchal
Phone: 291 211 600

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