House & Museum Frederico de Freitas, in Funchal


Installed in the Palace Promenade, once belonging to the Counts of Calçada, and leased from the 40s by Dr. Frederico de Freitas, known collector and art lover. Attorney and notary, this Madeira gathered a valuable legacy of works of art, which left the region after his death in 1978.

In order to expose the collections received, the executive Madeira acquired the Casa da Calçada to turn into a museum. In 1988 is inaugurated the House Museum Frederico de Freitas, with precious cores sculpture, painting, engraving, Furniture, Ceramics, Glass and Metals.

Ten years after opening to the public the House of Tiles, built especially to house the eclectic and extensive tile collection, from which you can follow the evolution of this type of ceramic tiles from the early days to the present.

The taste for all kinds of objects, especially those linked to the island of Madeira, made of Augusto Frederico de Freitas careful and dedicated collector. When you came to live in this house, found more than enough space to install the hundreds of pieces that had collected throughout his life. You can find a bit of everything in this house, since English style furniture, ivories, paintings, ceramics, religious images to a valuable collection of tiles.

When he died, as written in his will, left the collection to the Autonomous Region, and the Government started the house restoration work in order to open it as a museum. The table always set in the dining room, the flowers in the jar and the conservatory always cared give us the feeling that still lives there even someone.

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